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The device offers a professional aesthetic result thanks to its Magnetophoresis technology which converts magnetic pulses into active energy fields such as light or electric current. This technology, combined with cosmetic products adapted to different treatments (hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins...) achieves visible results in only 15 minutes of application.

Wish Pro corrects imperfections of the skin, which immediately appears younger, firmer and healthier.

It's in the press:

"If you're afraid of facelifts and overly invasive surgery, here's
a star treatment in anti-aging medicine for a real "youthfulness" almost immediately! Wishpro, performed in many beauty salons, is based on a patented technique called magnetophoresis that helps fight the signs of aging by plumping the skin and giving it a younger, firmer appearance. In just 15 minutes, the entire active ingredient is pushed through the skin by magnetic force. The results, without any injections, are visible from the first session, but it is advisable to make two to five injections for an optimal result".

"Today, Wishpro's unique anti-aging technology provides visible rejuvenation in just 15 minutes! As we age, the process that keeps our skin firm and healthy begins to deteriorate. Skin microcirculation slows down and begins a cycle of skin breakdown. The Wishpro anti-aging machine breaks this cycle using a multi-application approach. By combining advanced technologies and specialized anti-aging cosmetics, Wishpro corrects imperfections in skin that immediately appears younger, firmer and healthier. The innovative technology of the Wishpro device is magnetophoresis, a recognized absorption technique! Its principle in aesthetics? With the help of magnetic fields, it forces cosmetic active ingredients through the skin barrier to allow them to act at the very heart of the cells. »


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